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12 Days of Christmas! - Have an Imaginative Holiday Season! - Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of 12 Days of Christmas!

The holidays can be a tough time mentally for anyone. With the pandemic ongoing, some of us may have experienced tough challenges. We've decided to create a series of activities for everyone in the family to keep us emotionally balanced! Feel free to create your own twist or add to the activity!

Day 5: Head to the Library and pick out new books!

Reading is a great way to improve your child's language skills but did you know it is a great way to strengthen your emotional connection with your child?

This simple act of reading with or to your child actually stimulates areas of your child's brain responsible for connection and bonding.

This is because when we think about story time it usually involves, eye contact, cuddling, and lots of shared emotions as you discover what happens next! So make reading together a priority at home and continue this next year!

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